Precise: Providing Financial Services to Law Firms Since 2008

Lawyers specialize in certain aspects of the law. We specialize in business economics for law firms – and currently work with approximately 70 retainer clients, globally.

We are one of the world’s most experienced financial service providers for law offices, with more than 10 client firms in the New York metropolitan area, alone.

Precise is a sponsor of the Managing Partner RoundTable™, the largest peer program for managing partners of a small and mid-size law firms (with over 100 members). We are also responsible for editing and analyzing the yearly benchmark survey published by the program.

Managing a modern law firm is very challenging, where decision-making is based on  the quality, and timeliness, of the information availble to the partners .

Precise developed a service model especially suited for law firms of all levels and sizes – from small firms, without any internal financial function, to mid-sized firms, with an in-house CFO and finance department.

With a service package aimed at increasing profits, and enhancing business stability, you’ll have the right tools to address every contigency on your firm’s way to success.

What can you expect from working with us?

Financial management & on-demand CFO services



Being the firm that edits the vastest survey for law firms in NY/NJ, we are probably the most exposed factor for law firms' financial data in the region. We edit your firm's data VS market data and based on the survey results, together we analyze and set up the firm's targets.

Billing & Collections

BI system

Planned and programmed by Precise-technical staff. We have created the most advanced BI system on the legal market for the ust of our analysts and clients. Business data is now your fingertips online for your use.