Design profitable projects and increase your bottom line with hands-on financial management

Gain a competitive advantage for every aspect of your project by utilizing our out of the box financial management and control method – finetuned and developed over the past 26 years working with some of the world’s leading A/E firms. 

We work with approximately 550 related retainer clients.

In the last few years we opened offices in New York and London, which provides services for more than 60 A/E firms in Unites States and England.

The ongoing measurement of profitability for each project is a long-time challenge for A/E firms. Each company relies on the restricted knowledge base of projects and challenges that their staff have faced in the past, without being able to solve all the complex issues that may arise in internal project management.

To become extremely profitable and efficient in every aspect of a project, we must see the full scale of project management solutions and options available. A task that is almost impossible for any company to do single handedly.

We maximize contract fees for our clients by customizing the existing contracts they have and by streamlining their operations.

What can you expect from working with us?

Profound increase in project efficiency

Accurate billing projections

Dramatically increased revenue per employee

Red flag alerts in real time

Improved staff and resource allocation

Decision making based on real time numbers

Significant increase in recovery of variation orders

Improved staff and resource allocation