Career Path

All Precise managers are home grown

All Precise managers are home grown.

Precise invests significant time and effort into nurturing its staff both professionally and managerially. We are therefore in an excellent position to advance our employees according to their unique skill sets and core strengths. We attribute our success to our team members in the field. Our goal is to create a cadre of independent thinkers to be tasked with leading and developing the company into the future, in Israel and abroad.

Work begins with an intensive internship, where a mentor is responsible for the constant development and welfare of every new employee. The new team member is evaluated periodically on objectives and accomplishments in the short and long terms. We aim high in order to achieve 100% success.

The performance of all team members is carefully tracked in order to assign them to the right career path within the company. For example, you could become a team leader, steer the company into a new field (e.g., construction), help develop regional branches in Israel, venture out to our New York and London offices or who knows… The sky’s the limit.