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What We Do at Precise (In A Nutshell)

From performance analysis to ongoing financial management, we help our clients increase both revenues and profits.

We will help you to have full financial control of the firm’s performance and each project’s profitability.
Statistics speak louder than words. That is why we like to pride ourselves on being the leading Financial Management Consultancy, whose
UK clients have increase their revenue per employee by 32% on average within a few short months of working together.

Financial Management and Control Processes = More Profit

We have been working with hundreds of clients within the Architecture and Engineering niche and in almost all cases, our unique financial management methods have resulted in a significant boost in profits in as little as 90 days.

When we help our clients in improving efficiency and increasing revenues, they not only become more financially stable, but they report to have had the best night’s sleep in years.

That is why we make sure that whenever we take on a new client, we treat them like family and stand shoulder to shoulder with them
every step of the way. 

Client Satisfaction:

We are currently working with over 450 A/E clients. Our yearly reports show a 98% client retention rate.

Since working with Precise, the firm is simply more efficient, allowing us to put even more time into making beautiful, well-built projects that represent our clients’ highest aspirations.

Wendy Evans Joseph

Studio Joseph

We can’t understand how we ever ran our business without Precise. As a core part of our firm in all aspects, their contribution has been enormous. We anticipate many more years of productive work together.

Margalit and Eitan Suchoy

Landscape Architects

Since we started working with Precise we are able to do what we love to do best: Landscape Architecture.

Vardit Zurnamal and Michal Turner

Landscape Architects

Precise has proven to be an amazing team of people… Precise’s guidance has made a huge and positive difference in the attitude within the office, as people are much more focussed on what they need and like to be doing and leave the financial guidance and strategic thinking to Precise….

Martha Schwartz Partners


Precise monitors our business on an ongoing basis and gives us peace of mind. They keep us focused on our financial goals – and help take us there

Ismael Leyva Architects

I am so happy I met Precise. With these guys, my firm is making more money and I know that my business is financially managed by the most professional people out there.

Eran Chen


As far as I’m concerned, Precise is “fire-and-forget” regarding all business and financial issues in my firm.

Samuel Karni

S. Karni Engineering

Precise is our guardian angel. They are the lobe of the brain that takes care of us, the ones who take the load off our heart. We owe them the opportunity to create in peace while they deal with the storm around us.

Opher Kolker

Kolker Kolker Epstein

Precise’s strong team of professionals helped me build and grow my business. By monitoring my daily operations, Precise makes sure everything is running smoothly, so I can focus 100% of my energy on my clients and projects! I could not ask for a better partnership.

Christian Lahoude

Christian Lahoude Studio

The quality of the Precise team is evidenced by their diligence, efficiency and attention to detail. Not only do they significantly enhance the effectiveness of our financial system, they also are true partners and friends.

Regev Torres

Tedem Civil Engineering

Any serious engineering firm can benefit from Precise expertise.

Natan Tomer

Natan Tomer Engineering

My life changed for the better since we started working with Precise. The improvement is felt across the board – in our management, business and profitability. Beyond a doubt, Precise’s greatest strength is its people.

Eden Bar

Bar-Levi Architects

Since we started working with Precise, we are able to focus solely on architecture. The dedication and professionalism of the Precise team allow us to free our minds from day-to-day financial pressures.

Orna Fraifeld Best, Lital Szmuk Fabian


Now that we are working with Precise, our billing and collection system runs perfectly. And they’re nice people to work with too!

Avi Shperber

AMAV Transportation and Traffic

Since we started working with Precise our cash flow and profitability improved considerably. Their professionalism gives us peace of mind and lets us focus on what we know best: Architecture!

Ori Halevy

Auerbach Halevy Architects & Engineering

Precise has been a true success story for us in terms of business impact. By working together, we were better able to improve our business, finances and corporate culture – all at the same time!

Shay and Sela Nahari

Consulting Engineers

Thanks to Precise I have peace of mind. Now that I don’t have to spend time on proposals, billing, collections and keeping track of hours, our efficiency has improved significantly.

Yoav Ramati

Sapir Engineering

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